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It was the black man’s answer to the hit show ‘Queer as Folk,’ and served as a representation for black gay men on television, when there was little to none on at that time.

As popular as it was, the show was very short lived.

The show was based on the character Noah Nicholson played by actor Darryl Stephens, his boyfriend Wade Robinson, played by Jensen Atwood, and their group of friends.

The series became popular and struck a cord with many fans addressing topics such as same sex dating, same-sex marriage, same-sex parenthood, HIV and AIDS awareness, infidelity, promiscuity, homophobia, gay bashing and more.

I would like to have someone sit down whoever that person is and genuinely ask them the reasoning behind it. We were given a lot of information, information that was useful in trying to comfort us when we found out that we weren’t going into production on a third season, but nothing that made me understand why one of the network’s biggest shows wasn’t coming back to television.

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The video also co-stars actor Jensen Atwood & Mica Hughes. or an entirely new project featuring some of the cast?In case you forgot, the hit series ran on Logo from October 19, 2005, to October 4, 2006 was wildly popular and became a hit as the first television show centered around a group of LGBT black men.However, the show’s unexpected cancellation sent shockwaves through the community and left both the stars and the fans with more questions than answers.That’s all in the past however, as Noah and the boys are back with finale.

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