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And because we do it that way, we’re not consumed with comparing ourselves to other shows on our network, whether they come on before us, after us, opposite us. Anybody that watches His & Hers— they actually watch it— and I’m not talking looking at it and making grand assumptions based on other programming.

And then she joined shortly thereafter, and I guess the rest is history.– We met in 2002 when we were both covering the NBA. As seems to be a common practice in this business a lot of the time you walk into locker rooms and you’re looking around to see who the other reporters are.

We just started having this bond and then we’d just talk on the phone a lot.

And at a certain point we were like, what if we could take our own conversations and put it on television?

So whether it was Sports Center, Sports Reporters, Jim Rome is Burning, Cold Pizza/First Take, various shows.

I just bounced around for a while, until Numbers Never Lie in 2011.

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