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Being cast as Fred Weasley (One-half of Wesley twins) in the Harry Potter movie series.

Call it karma, but when James and Oliver Phelps were cast in the Harry Potter films as the red-headed twin wizard brothers of the equally flame-haired Ron Weasley, James knew that he was in for a spot of payback.

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She made a big effort for us.’They remain good friends with their ‘younger brother’ Rupert Grint.

Oliver got a text from Rupert about one of the old cast members who got sent down [Jamie Waylett, who played Hogwarts school bully Vincent Crabbe, was jailed for two years for his part in last year’s London riots].

We were all saying that if you’re going to do something that idiotic, then you deserve all you get, really.’‘Michael Gambon was just one of the best role models we could have hoped for,’ says James, ‘one day, he was filming the scene where his character Dumbledore dies, so it was quite an important day for him.

The eldest by 13 minutes, Oliver tends to take charge during the conversation.

James may be the quieter, more relaxed of the two, but he usually waits till his brother finishes before coming in with a quip.

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