Who is adam ant dating 2016

And I think it kind of seeped over into this record, because I suddenly thought there were times in my life that really no one knows about.No one knew I lived in Tennessee – I hadn't told anybody.Please select your role in relation to this artist, add a few words of explanation to help us verify your request, and then click the 'Submit' button.

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So musically it was going all the way back to the start.For many artists who take long breaks, there often becomes a desire to make up for lost time. About two and a half years ago I just stripped down my songs to acoustic and started playing for friends on my own. I think it's just avoiding repeating yourself on the songwriting side.Will we see you much more active in touring, and are you already working on new music? I was playing live solidly through from 1977 to pretty much '90, really, and by the time I took a break from it, it was a welcome break. But I think coming back to it now, you kind of appreciate how much you miss doing it. Were you pleasantly surprised and did it help motivate you to find you still had such a strong audience? And then I went back to some of the smaller clubs that I played during the punk days, the 100 Club and the Electric Ballroom and stuff. after so much time away, because you can't take anything for granted. That's also because the songs, going as far back as "Dog Eat Dog" and "Antmusic," still hold up today. It does tend to be a bit of a temptation, with a string of hit records, to lock into a formula, and I've always tried to avoid that pretty much album to album – changing the sound and the approach to it. This album is a bit more eclectic, because it's taken longer to put together and I've worked with close friends of mine, co-writers Boz Boorer and Chris Mc Cormack, who have both got studios in their home.So this is very different for me, and in a way it does come across as quite autobiographical.It's almost like a kind of novel over the course of the songs.

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