We are updating our website Free random webcams for ipad

The single most important reason for us to want to increase the minimum PHP requirement is security: PHP versions 5.2 through to 5.5, while still actively in use on millions of sites, no longer get security updates.

The second reason is a ridiculous increase in speed. You can read our whipping your host into shape article for more information.

Many people make the mistake of asking "What tools do I need to edit my site? It will often take you longer and might be more dangerous than having a professional do the job.

" when they should be asking "What skills do I need to edit my site? Once you have the skills, choosing the correct tools is fairly easy and safe. On the other hand, it has some advantages such as being able to make changes whenever it suits you.

We hear all too often about large companies that get hacked, compromising information such as credit card or social security numbers of their clients.

This leads to a lack of trust and also hurts the business – clients may choose to go to their competitors in fear that their information might be compromised again.

Word Press also strongly recommends the latest version of PHP on their requirements page, https://wordpress.org/about/requirements/.

We are an independent and look to offer everything that others cannot!

Although you can learn to make simple alterations quite quickly, don't be deceived into thinking that website management is straightforward.

The more you can learn about how websites work, the safer and more effective you will be.

You want to be sure that you put your best foot forward when seeking out new clients, and keeping your website up to date is one of the most important things you can do for this.

The top three things to focus on when updating your website are: In our present day and age, security should be one of the top priorities for businesses both large and small.

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