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On 5 February 2013, Open ELEC announced that they had jointly developed, with Arctic, a manufacturer of computer cooling systems based in Switzerland, a passively cooled entertainment system – the MC001 media centre, based on the Kodi 12 (Open ELEC 3.0) platform.They also announced plans to provide further builds for the ARCTIC MC001 systems on their next release.There is a lot of confusion about this, particularly caused by people getting Wine's name wrong and calling it WINdows Emulator.When users think of an emulator, they tend to think of things like game console emulators or virtualization software.Open ELEC (short for Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center) is a Linux distribution designed for home theater PCs and based on the Kodi (formerly XBMC) media player.Open ELEC applies the "just enough operating system" principle.It is designed to consume relatively few resources and to boot quickly from flash memory.

For questions related to Wine software development, see the Developer FAQ.

However, Wine is a compatibility layer - it runs Windows applications in much the same way Windows does.

There is no inherent loss of speed due to "emulation" when using Wine, nor is there a need to open Wine before running your application.

Some companies that are or have been involved with Wine development are Code Weavers, Bordeaux, Trans Gaming, Corel, Macadamian and Google. Wine increases the usefulness of Linux, makes it easier for users to switch to free operating systems, and for Windows developers to make applications that work on them.

This greatly raises Linux marketshare, drawing more commercial and community developers to Linux.

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