Updating nod32 manually

A brief search located them, with some simple documentation describing the use of the command-line scanner and the implementation of the -based on-access component.

With all preparations completed, it was time for testing to commence.In the other sets, the gradual revamping of the layout has seen a fairly major step this month.To link up with last time’s rebranding of the ‘standard’ set as ‘file infectors’ to better reflect its contents, a new set of worms and bots has been added, populated so far with a selection of nasties removed from the old set and a few more recent additions.As a reflection of the increasing speed and capacity of modern hardware and scanning software, on-demand test results are presented this month in megabytes per second.In a further tweak to the presentation of figures, the on-access 'slowdown' figures are now calculated as the lag time added when accessing files.

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