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// flex_rtmp_send("send_step3", // "Connection ID=10", // "Snapshot=t RTMP9.inf", // MESSAGE, // "Data Type=user control message", // "Event Type=set buffer length", // "Message Stream ID=1", // "Buffer Length=100", // LAST); //this is the confirmation from the server on the "seek" command. 5) In the directory of the old script open the 'default.cfg' file 6) Under [Web Services] header, instead of "Toolkit=Axis" write "Toolkit=.

flex_rtmp_receive("recv_step55", "Connection ID=10", "Snapshot=t RTMP68.inf", CHANNEL, "Chunk Stream ID=2", CHANNEL, "Chunk Stream ID=2", LAST); If there is a problem recreating the scripts, do the following: 1) Create a new test. NET" In all the protocols that support asynchronous sessions, recording will only be applied to web_* steps.

Note: ALM has been tested only on the latest versions of the virtualization products.

In Web Gate Customization, navigate to the Proxy Credentials area, select the Use these credentials checkbox, and type values in the Proxy Username and Proxy Password boxes. For full documentation of the tool, refer to the document available from the above location.

The following guidelines apply: You can visit the HP Software support web site at: com/go/hpsoftwaresupport This web site provides contact information and details about the products, services, and support that HP Software offers.

For more information, visit the HP Support web site at: HP Software Support Online.

For the most up-to-date supported environments, refer to the HP Software Web site using the following URL:

For more information, see Recommended ALM Server Configurations.HP Software support provides customer self-solve capabilities.It provides a fast and efficient way to access interactive technical support tools needed to manage your business.Note for Pentium Processors: Intel Hyper-Threading technology is not supported. For more information, see: can be deployed on a VMware ESX server.The system configurations of each virtual machine are the same as the ALM server system configurations.

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