Updating hackintosh

That meant my original directory before applying any upgrades.I was able to recover most of the files from an EFI backup on my Hackintosh’s hard drive, but I was left with an inoperable system for a bit.I discovered it on my own Hackintosh when I tried first to update to High Sierra Public Beta 7.Then I tried installing Developer Beta 8, and had similar symptoms. This wasn’t universal, and I didn’t have to do it with my build at the time.The update is extremely simple to install and does not require any additional work to restore system stability.

Update: A few users have reported the App Store becoming unresponsive when attempting to install apps.

I was perplexed, so I tried to kick it off a couple of times in case I just had a bad download. I booted from it, and partway through the installation was greeted with the dreaded “Error verifying firmware” screen.

That had me stumped a bit, since I’d never encountered it with my build.

Wi-Fi will continue to work, audio with Apple will be unaffected, Bluetooth will be untouched, USB will be running at 2.0 speeds, and sleep will continue to function with the pm Version=21 boot flag (also used in 10.6.5).

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