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And yet, the basic tools given to you by most dating sites don’t leave much room for personalization.

Most sites allow you to choose between only two genders, male and female.

Short on words, the post simply read, “Hi.” I admit, I balked.

As a writer, I guess I expect others to be able to write as freely and easily as I do. We agreed to meet at a nearby pub for some eats and to sample some of the local craft beer.

My foray into the dating world began a couple of years ago while I was still fairly early in my transition.

After I came out as trans (FTM), my lesbian relationship was ending, and my first instinct was to stick mainly to gay and lesbian dating sites.

I had not met any of them, but we are a very tight-knit group online, and I was excited about meeting.

But on the day of the date I received an angry text.“When were you going to tell me you are trans? My work in the media and a couple of published articles must have tipped her off.

The irony, of course, was that my trans identity was not really something I was trying to keep hidden—from her, or from anyone.

However, as I write this, it seems the tides may be turning in my favor.

Just weeks ago, I received a message from a local woman on the dating site where I had revealed my trans status.

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