Straight guys chat

When you’re swallowing down a fake cock attached to your Mistress, you can just enjoy how erotic a blowjob is without having to worry about “Does sucking cock make me gay?

” I’ve written about how powerful it feels for me, wielding the cock.

It’s because—and I’m going to quote a friend here—“They’re acting like douchebags.” There were comparisons to the cast of .“Girls love having gay guys around because they’re into fashion and they don’t feel threatened,” Mike says.“I actually ended up having sex with two chicks one night because he was my wingman.Watching my cock being enthusiastically sucked by a willing partner gets me wet and tingly in all the right places!Watching your face as you suck and lick my cock, feeling the weight of it in your mouth, can also be pretty fucking hot.

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