Stop acrobat from updating

The only way to do this is to Add the Registry Keys during install.Please note, that adding the registry keys will only disable the Update option in the Help Menu for Non Administrators of the computer.For a full list of all the features please download the Adobe AIM (Administrators Information Manager) from to AIM, b Updater does the following "I saw an entry for the new CW - I wasn't able to find it on the Adobe Site directly, so maybe its beta or something, but in a short test it worked: t Wiz1000_en_Does Someone know how to deactivate the protected mode with the CW? Edit2: I forgot to mention that Adobe gives a hint for that in a FAQ - Mode FAQ Can Protected Mode be configured through the Customization Wizard? The registry settings to use custom policies, toggle Protected Mode, and lock the UI settings so end users can't change them are all configurable just like any other registry setting.Good Afternoon, I am able to deploy Adobe Reader 10.0.1 (Adbe Rdr1001_en_US.exe) using SCCM and identify/incorporate turning off the "protected mode" settings now found in this package.Note that while the Updater is often disabled in enterprise settings, it's also possible to leave it enabled and configure whether updates happen automatically or silently.For DC products, the web component updater can be configured independently of the product updater.

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This package unfortunately does not allow me to use Adobe's Customization Tool to set this feature so that whomever logs into the system, the settings are global.

It's the only PDF viewer that can open and interact with all types of PDF content, including forms and multimedia.

By clicking the "Install now" button, you agree to the automatic installation of updates to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and Acrobat Reader Chrome Extension (if applicable), and to the Adobe Software Licensing Agreement.

1: Do not download or install updates automatically.

2: Automatically download updates but let the user choose when to install them. 4: Notify the user downloads are available but do not download them.

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