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Val kilmer played the role in tombstone (1993) and thenappeared with michael in the ghost and the darkness (1996).

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A well known baritone of the day, Frank Charlton, clad in the robes of a sheik, sang with feeling in deep, fruity tones: I’m the Sheik of Araby, Your love belongs to me, At night when you’re asleep, Into your tent I’ll creep. Five times I sneaked in to see The Sheik, and if I hadn’t run out of pocket money it might well have been five hundred.&r dquo; Sydney had never experienced an obsession like the one which grew up around The Sheik.

And the stars that shine above Will light our way to love…"Gripping the arms of my seat, I was mesmerised by the rhythm of hoof beats as Rudolph, in one sublime movement, swept that lucky, lucky Agnes Ayres boldly into his arms. Typists, shop assistants, teenage schoolgirls, respectable married women, young and old, high society and working class - all clamoured to see what all the fuss was about.

At the Globe, seasons would be open ended, playing for as long as audiences kept coming.

Audience members, shown to their seats by an army of ushers in Middle Eastern garb, settled in to enjoy a cornucopia of stage delights before the lights went down for the main attraction.

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On the evening of Saturday 26th February 1922, The Sheik, starring Rudolph Valentino, made its Australian debut.

The Globe Theatre, which sat just across the road from the Queen Victoria Markets in the heart of Sydney’s George Street entertainment district, had been newly redecorated for the occasion, and an exotic perfume floated through the lobby.

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