Sexaual incounter chat

In the current version IV, it is included in the category "paraphilia not otherwise specified".The diagnostic criteria of the DSM-III are: "the act or fantasy of engaging in sexual activity is a repeatedly preferred or exclusive method of achieving sexual excitement".Masters (1966) uses it to describe the predominant or exclusive desire for sexual relations with animals.

Many paintings and carvings of humans engaging in sexual interactions with animals have been found in various ancient religious temples (Davis, 1954).

But Masters (1966, 1962) calls anyone, who has sexual relations with animals a "zooerast" and states, that the animal sex is a kind of masturbation for those persons who have no emotional involvement with the animal.

The term zoophilia is frequently used with the same meaning as bestiality.

Often the term sodomy is used to describe any kind of "unnatural" sexual acts and "crimes against nature" (Stayton, 1994).

Bestiality is mostly used to describe any sexual acts and relations between a human being and an animal.

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