Router updating performance model

Wired Versus Wireless The bottom line is you can't beat an ethernet connection. We plug in whatever we can, and obviously, this isn't always possible.A good thing to plug in would be your television as most people have their router near their TV and there can be a lot of interference when streaming.

Opinions vary, but in our experience, anything beyond 30 or 40 feet is too far for maximum performance.

A lot of routers go out with the default channel six so changing your channel can be great just to get on a different channel than your neighbors.

If you read up on the best channel to choose it is a hot debate because everyone's situation is different.

Linksys has a tutorial here that shows you how to change your channel, and it should be similar with any router.

Step 1 of that tutorial also includes a link on how to login to your router.

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