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- 1931 Georges Lemaître: big bang proposal in Nature.

Hubble Reindicted: Post-dating the "discovery" of the expansion and pre-dating the theory not only helps with the canonical big bang storytelling, as an aside, it also helped to wrongly attribute the "Hubble Law".

We do not know the radius of space to-day, but I should estimate that it is not less than ten times the original radius.

[square-bracket comments and emphasis added] single atom] had not yet been proposed.

As is known today about the famed astronomer: - Vesto Slipher's name doesn't appear in Hubble's 1929 paper though most of the radial velocities presented were his.

- Hubble wrote to astronomer JH Reynolds asking him to refrain from publishing that which Hubble later published without reference to Reynolds.

- Hubble wrote to de Sitter in 1930, "I consider the velocity-distance relation [i.e., "Hubble's Law"], its formulation, testing and confirmation, as a Mount Wilson [i.e., Hubble] contribution and I am deeply concerned in its recognition as such." Clearly.

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Any use of SPN pages, feeds, or derivative services indicates acceptance of the SPN User Policy.The big bang's poor predictions track record is extensive as shown from its many failures including...- Yet even secular science authorities have begun objecting to the systematic misattribution, and hence, post-dating, of the the claim of expansion.Expansion was not a "prediction" of the 1931 big bang theory; it was a 1920s interpretation of both Einstein's equations and red-shift data.The Corrected History of the Discovery of Expansion: On the entire Internet, the following is the most concise and reasonably comprehensive chronology of the discovery of the (apparent) expansion of the universe.

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