Rainie yang dating joseph chang

wahhhhhh im chinese but i can't read chinese words huhuhuhu can it be convert into englis his weibo? Thanks to both of them for making me falling in love again. all the BTS of DTLY i saw how joseph looks at rainie off camera they seems so close & joseph always teased her as if i thought that he has a crush on her the way she looks at rainie but are all this is a shoe off or joseph is just using rainie to be popular??? tammy i was wondering why is that the concert of rainie was in the afternoon 3pm?

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If you observe the video closely, his co-actor is also smoking as well... We are fans, so naturally, we want them to team up together again and again... why he doesn't talk about his girlfriend afraid of what? But, Joseph seems to be a very protective and very faithful type so it is natural for him not to talk about her or even mention her because she probably is not in the entertainment circle.

AND BTW, why is it fans always thought that Joseph has a crush on Rainie??? I have been following Rainie for over 10 years now, AND I can tell you that it's the other way around; I definitely think and sense that Rainie has a crush on JOSEPH....

I think Rainie is very lucky to be able to collaborate with a good actor like JOSEPH this time around!

Sure, they have good chemistry on screen but that doesn't mean they have to be off screen.

This is the reason why I hated when people pairing them together and then start their fantasy world that they must do this and that together etc...

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