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If you use the Play Now button or join a table that someone else has set up, you'll have to accept whatever options are set for the table.

Each gameplay option is listed, followed by its default.

Then, once a player pockets a solid-colored ball without also knocking a striped ball in a pocket, that player "owns" solids.

Likewise, if he or she first sinks a stripe without pocketing a solid, the player "owns" stripes instead.

If a player hits the other player's ball with the cue ball, regardless of whether or not one of his or her own balls goes into a pocket, OR, if a player shoots and doesn't hit any ball, it is a foul and it becomes the other player's turn, taking the Ball in Hand.If the option is off, players may take as much time as they like to take their shots.Bonus Pocket [on]: If this option is on, a random pocket is selected at the start of each player's turn and legal shots made in that pocket are worth 10 extra tokens.An extra bonus is awarded if the Bonus Ball is sunk into the Bonus Pocket.8-Ball Pool8-Ball Pool is the most popular type of Pool game.

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