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“We are honoring this year’s outstanding news stories, and we are also pleased to have David Fanning as this year’s Lifetime Achievement recipient.David has guided FRONTLINE to the pinnacle of public affairs television.Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease causing growing concern, with a substantial increase in reported incidence over the past few years in the United Kingdom and rising levels of resistance to a wide range of antibiotics.Understanding its epidemiology is therefore of major biomedical importance, not only on a population scale but also at the level of direct transmission.Here we studied two outbreaks that took place in Sheffield and London, United Kingdom.We show that whole-genome sequencing provides the resolution to investigate direct gonorrhea transmission between infected individuals.The series has won all of the major awards for broadcast journalism: 57 Emmys, including a special Emmy Award for excellence in documentary filmmaking; 27 Alfred I.

Accounting services for the competition are provided by the firm of Lutz & Carr, LLP.

The two data sets were selected to have different epidemiological properties: the Sheffield data were collected over 6 years from a predominantly heterosexual population, whereas the London data were gathered within half a year and strongly associated with men who have sex with men.

Based on contact tracing information between individuals in Sheffield, we found that transmission is associated with a median time to most recent common ancestor of 3.4 months, with an upper bound of 8 months, which we used as a criterion to identify likely transmission links in both data sets.

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