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I am sure they were cold and tired but seeing their faces warmed by heart.A flask, a smile, laughter during the race and knowing that the race was finished made it all worthwhile.Lap 4- I am starting to crack, even with the food and water.I stop at the one food station, get some bacon, whiskey, water and warm apple cider. My only goal is to finish the race in less than 4 hours as that would beat my last two years’ time at this race. The snow is starting to soften as 200 racers have taken it on.They're shot in slow-motion with high-speed photography so you can check out every small bit of their bodies.

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Don’t be afraid of my age, about distance as when we want we find the way to archive it and when this is not main for us then we search for a reason. You know, someone said if you are not in fairytale yet, then you are with a wrong person!

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When passing the start/finish, I stop once again to drink water and eat a bar.

Fortunately, we have friends who are ready to take excellent care of our every need.

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