Love poems for her before dating

There, he met Marilyn Monroe, an acquaintance was accidental and not pleasant circumstances.

During the next party Brando talking excitedly, holding a drink in hand, with a friend near the piano, where at this time, Marilyn was playing softly the melody to entertain themselves.

Especially after the movie "The Savage" (1953), where his character broke the established way of life.

The rebellious nature of young minds hypnotized he created the image.

Marlon Brando tried to fame, he suffered from a lack of money and poverty.

The nature of Brando, who combined a primal force of the spirit, aroused enthusiasm of youth." Role in the film "A Streetcar Named" Desire "for Brando was the end of his career as an actor of a theater stage, he devoted himself entirely to work in movies.When Marlon Brando lived in New York, I often visited the "Carnegie Hall" and sometimes went into an acting studio to chat with the girls.One day, many young girls are jealous of Anna, because she became the wife of a "real man".After the wedding, their relationship has changed little.

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