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Goran again."I don't understand so many Czechs, may be a little. But I can only say that from my experience, it's not a very big number of Czech tourists, who speak some foreign language.So, that might be a little problem with the Czech tourists.

Karolina has been coming to Croatia for about 23 years.

The reasons for such high popularity of Croatia among Czechs are manifold.

Eva is from Prague, and has come here for a two-week trip with a special physical exercise programme."I have two friends, and they took me with them, that was the first reason.

And I would say that the sea is the purest in Europe if not in the whole world, so that's the other reason, and the Czech people can appreciate that.

But there is another important thing and that is the Czech tradition of coming to Croatia for holidays, which has roots in let's say the 20s or 30s of the last century.

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