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But in recent years Euroscepticism has been on the rise, as discontent about a deep recession, weak recovery and the migration crisis on the country’s southern shores grows.Here the FT looks at the rules, the main contenders and the possible outcomes of this pivotal vote.The 81-year-old Mr Berlusconi announced eurocrat Antonio Tajani was his preferred candidate for PM in the Italian election 2018 this week.Lega - formerly Lega Nord - is far more right-wing than Forza Italia and is led by Matteo Salvini.And bad loans from businesses hurt by the ailing economy have built up in the banking system after companies were unable to service them - making the pile of non-performing loans the biggest of any country in Europe.The bad loan stack is now so vast it amount to almost a quarter of the total in the EU.A February 15 poll by Demopolis indicates a 28 percent vote for the M5S, a 22.5 percent vote for PD and 16.5 for Berlusconi’s FI.Despite bad reviews in Rome, Five Star Movement is the number one single party in the polls, projected to win more than 27 percent of votes.

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However, the first actual results could be released in the early hours of Monday, according to media reports. Under Italian law, publishing opinion polls in the the penultimate two weeks of the electoral campaign is outlawed, but the last batch of polls paints a pretty clear picture of how the vote will go down.

Since the start of polling back in January 2018, the M5S has been a clear favourite to be the single biggest party in Parliament, followed by the PD.

Five Star Movement is one of the parties that does not want to enter into any coalition.

It is led by Beppe Grillo - an Italian comedian and actor - but Luigi Di Maio would become the PM if the party wins.

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