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Someone starts watching Kim Kardashian sex tape on average every two seconds! Kanye West was in love with her long before they’ve met. Kim for sure took his attention, and she will take yours if you reach her on and

Kim and Ray J received 300 000 $ each for their movie from Vivid plus a cut from the video sold or downloaded.

They say I’ve been ripe for a promotion for quite a while now.” “I’ve seen so many men/women over the years that I’ve practically gotten a good idea of just what the ideal one for me is.” “There’s no reason why men should just go and look for the woman with the hottest tits or the sexiest voice.

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So, didn’t think about it, but, now that you say it I for sure should do a nude photo shoot.” But there is an evidence of her beauty even more proofing than a photoshoot. Some say that it is that tape that made her famous, but it’s not true. And now Kimberly Noel Kardashian has one hundred million followers on Instagram, 45.5 million dollar pretax in the last year and the attention of the whole net.

She is a dream girl and deserves to live in a dream world.

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