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A multiple-stories high and topics diversified architecture integrates the monumental three-dimensional light installation composed of 360 light elements with individually controllable single pixels.The light animations indicated the dynamics of the Vodafone brand and symbolized flashing, luminous and abstract communication network.

Light artist Christopher Bauder and musician Kangding Ray give an audio-visual narration of radiant light vector drawings and multi-dimensional sound inside the pitch-dark industrial space of Kraftwerk Berlin.

Rendering by LAVA WHITEvoid designed the highlight showcase for Vodafone’s trade fair stand at the Ce BIT 2017 in Hanover.

The Smart City Installation is a physical city model superimposed with a virtual, animated information layer.

Check our GIGA NETWORK trade fair stand with Smart City Installation and Quantum Dot highlight installation for Samsung.

A gigantic kinetic installation “Weaving Machine” was created by WHITEvoid with KINETIC LIGHTS winch system for an epic 2047 Apologue stage performance directed by ZHANG Yimou and produced by L!

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