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The decision also left open the possibility that a state could pass a law entirely banning protests at abortion clinics—but only if it demonstrated that narrower measures had not worked, and that patients and employees were being illegally prevented from accessing a legal establishment. Claiming that various company’s food products have somehow become contaminated with HIV/AIDS has been a prevalent form of hoax for many years, targeting foodstuffs from pineapples to canned goods to soft drinks.This implies that there is something wrong with us because we aren't like everyone else; we are strange; we are different; we are weird. The more different from the mass norm a person is, for example, more intelligent or more sensitive, the more he is likely to be invalidated. During those times I have to focus on one thing at a time, ask for help if I can, try to do it well, and accept some things just won’t happen as ideally as I’d like.

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By a 7-1 margin, the court firmly rejected a Kentucky decision that adopted a clear-statement rule under which a general power of attorney, valid to authorize the execution of contracts generally, would not validly authorize execution of an arbitration agreement unless the power of attorney explicitly addressed that topic.

Resembling more than anything last term’s decision in , the opinion shows a Supreme Court bristling at the lack of candor shown by state courts that disagree with its favorable treatment of pre-dispute arbitration agreements.

Doctrinally, the case is written as a routine application of the court’s existing rules holding that the Federal Arbitration Act obligates state courts to put arbitration agreements on an “equal footing” with other contracts and invalidates defenses that “apply only to arbitration or that derive their meaning from the fact that an agreement to arbitrate is at issue.” To the extent there is any new law in this case, it comes in the opinion’s explanation of the last point in the previous paragraph.

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