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For Kody, his father took a second wife and his family left the mainstream Mormon church while he was on his mission.For Brett, it was while on his mission that he first seriously became aware of the early practice of Mormon polygamy.Is it just to exclude a group who claim the title of Christians?In answering this question it is useful to consider how defining some people as “outsiders,” as lacking a claim to some standard of authenticity, is the fundamental ideology behind so many of the ugly prejudices in this world.Identity and Exclusion“They want the validation that comes from being the only true religion,” Kody told me.

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These issues, he tells us, led him to leave Mormonism and organized religion all together. While he followed his family out of mainstream Mormonism and into fundamentalist Mormonism, he still revered Joseph Smith and believed in the Book of Mormon.After all, few things are more Mormon than feeling uncomfortable in the presence of beer.Even as a rather unorthodox Mormon myself, I have never had a drop of alcohol.And Kody was recognizing, accurately, that this is a matter of power and control.Last fall, we had an interfaith roundtable here at Patheos on the question “Are Mormons Christians?

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