Divorce dating effects children

Don’t buy into the belief that once the process is over all will find a happy ending.

Focus not only on the process but on what needs to be done after the process to help the children and adults move forward with as little emotional harm as possible.

Mounting evidence in social science journals demonstrates that the devastating physical, emotional, and financial effects that divorce is having on these children will last well into adulthood and affect future generations.

Among these broad and damaging effects are the following: The divorce of parents, even if it is amicable, tears apart the fundamental unit of American society.

Fact: This misguided belief is not only harmful to our children but to the adults involved in the divorce process also.

Divorce, at it’s best, cannot be considered an amicable process.

They are failing to understand that, though they may be unhappy, their children are probably quite content and don’t care if their parents don’t get along as long as their family is together.

When you introduce a child to the world of divorce, you are altering every aspect of their life.

We feel that our energy should be put toward making sure things run smoothly for the children during the process and once we are beyond that we don’t have to worry about any possible negative effects on our children.

Myth #1: If Parents Are Happy Their Children Will be Happy Also: I’m sure you have heard someone say that if they divorce and are able to lead a happier life that their children will be happier also.

The idea behind this myth is that a happy mom or dad automatically means happy children.

Fact: Children of divorce are more aggressive toward their parents and teachers.

They experience more depression, more learning difficulties and problems getting along with their peers.

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