Dating tring sex

He moved his lips all over my neck till he came on my bosom and fastened his lips on it for a while.I started feeling wet between my thighs when he sucked my soft nipples.It was first time such a high profile person was making a personal visit and I was pretty much excited to meet him. When he was comfortable enough, I invited him to my bedroom where he requested me to perform a hot striptease.I started the music at once and started taking off my clothes.The guy moved his cock in all directions till he released his sperm inside my body. But one thing he really did great to me was recommend my name to his friends.

I was glad that people thought of me as real army officer.When he had satisfied me, he gave me a warm kiss on the lips and lie down beside me. I was semi conscious when he enjoyed me and had no idea what happened most of the time.The general had recorded the whole clip on his phone and showed it to me.When he did this, I started feeling wet between my legs.Finally, I spread my legs to give him an indication that I am ready to accept him.

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