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Recently, in collaboration with TIA (Transgender Intersex Africa) and OSISA (Open Society Initiative Southern Africa) was involvement in the first workshop of its kind on gender identities and sexuality with Beyond Identities –a Soweto-based group for young lesbians.In the coming months we will continue to meet with key government and political leaders.Iranti is a queer human rights visual media organization based in Johannesburg, South Africa.Iranti works within a human rights framework as its foundational platform for raising issues on Gender, Identities and Sexuality.On the 18th July 2012 in collaboration with FEW, other national LGBTI groups and individual activists mobilized a national protest against the government’s silence on hate crimes and violence against LGBTI persons.Dubbed 67 Minutes of Shame this protest was framed within the 67 minutes devoted to acts of goodwill in honour of Nelson Mandela as South Africa’s freedom and equality icon.Shireen has held director roles in women’s organisations focusing on ending violence against women, and has held leadership positions in the fields of human resources and organisational development.She used innovative approaches to to turn around an organisation that was on the brink of closing its doors due to funding challenges.

She has also consulted to major institutions like the Graca Machel Trust, Irish Aid, UN Women, and UNIDO.Her expertise is built on leadership and management experience in the areas of women’s rights, human rights, governance, and sustainability.Her skills and expertise span the areas of operations, resource mobilisation, research, income generation, developing strategy, and embracing innovation in the development sector.He soon left organisational work, frustrated with organisational processes and opted to rather do outreach to trans sex-work communities as a volunteer, and he continues his fine-art work.Thato Pule is the Iranti treasurer and is a 24-year-old black trans woman from Mahikeng; a small town in the Bokone Bophirima province known for producing talented people.

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