Dating divided back postcards

There should be a little check box entitled "By default, send HTML messages." Un-check that box.Remember, if you use text, your messages look great on all readers.It is never appropriate to post binary file attachments or UUEncoded files to the list.Please don't post requests that suggest large numbers of cards be sent to a poor little boy in the hospital. People trying to break records are usually hoax messages, or these messages are left over from years ago and are still floating around the Internet in email chains. Buy a good virus detection program, and keep it updated.No matter how good your intentions are, this will upset many list members, as they've seen them all before. All capital letters (upper-case) in messages are difficult to read.In Internet communications, this has for years been used for emphasis and is considered SHOUTING.Not knowing how to type usually isn't a good excuse.

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That will keep you from getting flooded with complaints.

Plus, there's the ever-popular Digest format, and the instruction sheet tells you how to do that, too. In general, exchanging cards is encouraged, selling cards or materials is discouraged in accordance with general Internet netiquette, though posting information about a good commercial source is fine.

Postings of card offers are fine, but courtesy dictates that follow-ups be done in private email.

So unless you really intend to shout, please don't use all capitals.

We realize that some people only have access to computer terminals that have only upper-case characters, but these are fewer and fewer in number these days.

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