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‘But what happened in 1974 totally altered the course of my family’s life.’Maria grew up in 1960s Famagusta, then one of the most glamorous and sophisticated seaside resorts in the Mediterranean.

The beach, with its famously pale sand and turquoise sea, was lined with luxury hotels that attracted millionaires and celebrities such as Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot and Paul Newman.

A personal shout out has to go to Ristorante Bacco, set in a private recessed courtyard in the centre of the hotel, the picture of mood lighting and creeping vines, it offers a perfect romantic setting and authentic Italian cuisine.

Back to the wine list for a moment, Paphos is renowned for having the world oldest named wine still in production, an esteemed amber-coloured dessert wine named Commandaria.

However my most recent wine based expedition (what other kinds of expeditions of note are there?

Such a large accolade deserves a rather show stopping dessert accompaniment.

It goes without saying desserts always hold a special place in my heart, and no dessert comes more theatrically presented and lovingly created than the Sur la Table experience in Ristorante Bacco.

Beautifully framed by elaborate hand drawn chocolate swirls and the pièce de résistance smoking chocolate bomb in the centre of the table, it really is an experience that needs to be seen to be believed.

In your time in between the excessive amounts of eating and drinking, be sure to sleep it off around the Royal Pool, set aside from the rest of the hotel, very peaceful and pleasantly adults only.

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