Chemoheterotroph dating

Chromosomea molecule of DNA and its proteins Chromosomes must be duplicated before nuclear division 8.2 Cell Cycle Cell cyclea cycle starts when a new cell forms.Radioisotopes of Carbon Living things produce different forms of carbon. Chemical bonding Atoms give up, acquire, and share electrons with other atoms.

Microfilaments Microtubules found in cilia and flagella Microfilaments are found in pseudopods Cilia and Flagella Ciliashort, usually numerous hair-like projections that undulate Ex: Paramecium, human respiratory tract Flagellalonger, usually fewer whip-like projections Ex: Euglena, sperm cells All eukaryotic cilia and flagella have the same 9 2 structure of microtubulesevidence for evolution Pseudopods Temporary, irregular lobes that project from the cell and function in locomotion and prey capture Have microfilaments Ex: Amoeba How Cells Work Chapter 5 5.1 What Is Energy?

Protonpositive charge, in nucleus Neutronno charge, in nucleus Electronnegative charge, orbits nucleus Periodic Table If you know the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons, you can predict the behavior of an element.

Atomic number = number of protons, unique for each element Mass number = number of protons number of neutrons Elements in the same column of the table have the same number of electrons available for interaction.

Experimental Design Experimental group A group exposed to the variable of interest Control group A standard for comparison Identical to experimental group except for variable being studied Things to consider: Sampling error Non-representative sample skews results Minimize by: Using large sample sizes Replicating Bias More biased Privately-funded research Work done by one individual Less biased Government-funded research (NSF) Interdisciplinary or Collaborative Work Scientists make observations Scientists ask questions Why do certain aspen trees get eaten by caterpillars while others do not?

Do the aspen trees that get eaten grow less than the aspen that dont get eaten?

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