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I can’t drive and my baby naps a lot so while Daniel was at work, I started using Twitter and Facebook to find people to talk to. Catching up with gossip and news on social media passed the time.My baby and husband do make me happy, but social media is there when I’m feeling lonely.They’re looking to see a friendly, happy face and that’s what you have to provide or they stop coming.A well-respected landlord once told me that when you’re a publican, the bar is your stage and you have to give the performance the customer expects. If I’ve had a rough day, I wouldn’t dream of unburdening that on to a customer who’s popped in to relax and enjoy themselves.I naively assumed they would be friends for life but when my marriage broke down after ten years my friends disappeared overnight – literally.My ex and I had fallen out of love but I was the one who initiated the split so I guess when friends chose sides, they chose his.I’m quite bubbly, but no one was interested in making friends.The people I met were polite but had their own lives and circles of friends.

She has never replaced them as she was busy raising her daughters, Jodie, now 33, Natalie, 31, and Sophie, 22.Even after I had our son, Harish, I had no one to talk to.I went to mother-and-baby groups but all the mums already knew each other and it was hard to break into their clique. Here, LYNSEY CLARKE meets four readers to find out how they became so alone. Experts blame social media, bringing up children and increased pressure at work for the friendless epidemic.

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