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She tried to help, pointing us in the right direction as our group struggled to solve the final puzzle. We were missing one vital piece of information, which was almost certainly hidden inside a safe on the wall — a safe that our earlier mistakes had rendered completely inoperable. "The thing with the narratives is they've always been there, whether or not they’re super prevalent," Milicevic says.

It’s true even when it comes to attractions like traditional haunted houses, where many guests may just be looking for the visceral thrill of an effective jump scare.

Instead you just watch the clock tick down, the tension increasing with every passing moment because that underlying narrative has made it all too clear what the stakes really are.^_^" 97- What makes you think that 1 lives off of his dad's money?OP could get a job even at like a fast food joint or store. OP is obviously unhappy and trolling because of it.he doesn't have to stay at home and troll on chat rooms. Maybe karma will hit you guys when you're down and that's when you realize not to do it to others. Obviously he feels bad and sees the error of his ways because he ended up crying. Being an asshole to an asshole helps no one and sends bad karma your way.OP, try and make a more productive life for yourself if you're unhappy. Action and progress will make you feel better than trolling. Op probably just didn't get the best job, a lot of people can't right now. Oh I know why, because they think it will make themselves look good or smart, well news flash badbadkitty, all you did was make yourself look STUUUUPPPIIIDDDD!!! My, I knew* 'Grammar/spelling nazi' is an exaggerated term.

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