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The military caste of the Japanese Samurai as the descendants of the XIV-XV century conquerors of Japan originating from the Horde. Mediaeval Japan could have been a Christian country. Scaligerian chronology of the “Mongolian” invasion. The manufacture of the famous Samurai swords involved the “Tartar Process” in the Middle Ages. The foundation of the Great = “Mongolian” Empire.1.1. The reaction of the Western Europe to the “Mongolian” invasion. The reasons why it shifted to the other hemisphere. What has been happening to Comet Halley after 1759? Suspiciously high frequency of improbable occurrences in Scaligerian history. The new chronology and conception of Chinese history. Astronomical events in the “ancient” Chinese chronicles. The actual astronomical events described in Chinese chronicles.

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Strange destructions of “ancient” coin hoardings in the Middle Ages. The “ancient” Golden Fleece and its double from the XV century. Mediaeval geographical names were in a state of constant flux. Is it possible to date sepulchres by the coins found therein? Vestiges of the Great = “Mongolian” Empire in documents and on the artefacts found in Europe and Asia. The allegedly illegible inscriptions on mediaeval swords. The famous mediaeval “Epistle of Presbyter Johannes” as an authentic document describing the life of the ancient Russia, or “Mongolia”. The river of Paradise flowing through the kingdom of Presbyter Johannes. Khulna, the capital city of the Presbyter’s kingdom, identifiable as Yaroslavl, or Novgorod the Great (also known as Kholmgrad). The description of the flood on the great Indian river Volga in the epistle of Presbyter Johannes. Which church is famous for the “parting of the waters” around it on the Feast of St.

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