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In other words, a small number of people today have a small number of places to use their mobile wallets. And even as easy as we’ve made the downloading of the mobile wallet app and the provisioning of the card, having to pull out a phone to pay at the tiny number of places today in the U. that enable contactless adds just way too much friction for the consumer.But what doesn’t is reverting to the form factor that they know is accepted everywhere: the plastic card or cash. show that one in 10 card transactions are now contactless.Nearly 10 percent of all domestic transactions are contactless now and said to be growing at the rate of 1 percent a month. that’s now the main way to pay by tapping/waving since issuers pretty much abandoned contactless cards after a massive push and corresponding flail years ago. So, perhaps not surprisingly, the hot-off-the-presses stats that we released last Thursday at Innovation Project 2016 painted a very different picture of the relationship between contactless payments and the U. Apple Pay is the mobile wallet that’s been in the U. market the longest – launched in September of 2014 to much fanfare — and uses NFC technology as its enabling technology.Today, only 3.5 percent of eligible transactions for those consumers are via Apple Pay, down from 5.9 percent in March of 2015 and 4.6 percent in October.Eligible transactions are those where the consumer has the right phone and merchants have the right enabling POS technology — that is the intersection of consumers with i Phone 6/6S’s and merchants with contactless terminals.

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Consumers visit Starbucks every day – maybe even multiple times a day.Yet, that’s what the consumer is being asked to do in the U. Consumers are being asked to download a mobile wallet. Then remember to use that wallet when they go into a physical store.At the still relatively small number of places that today enable contactless transactions. – as I have said many times before – constraining both the supply side and the demand side of the market.Now contrast that to the latest stats coming out of the mobile wallet adoption study that does every quarter with Info Scout. Contactless cards are as scarce as hen’s teeth today in the U. We’ve been tracking its adoption and usage ever since —and have multiple observations over the 18-months lifespan of Apple Pay.What we observed in March 2016, compared to earlier results, was surprising.

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