Algerain sex camira

During the Algerian war of independence, women militants often discarded the veil, the traditional North African , to overcome the spatial segregation that reinforced prevailing values of Algerian men and French society.

They enter the French colonial city and leave guns or bombs for Algerian freedom fighters. Her blouse and short skirt to her knees...make-up, lipstick, high-heeled shoes, silk stockings...., from “native” to “colonial” space.

The violent deaths of women that are now being reported can be understood as a consequence of a specific policy of National Liberation Front (FLN) rule since independence, namely its emphasis on education and industrialization.

This entailed state encouragement of women’s presence in two new arenas of public space, the school and the factory, a shocking innovation to Muslim traditionalists.

If it is the women of the Islamist movements and not the men who have constructed a new Muslim identity whose core is gender segregation, as Bucaille contends, then a different set of cultural, religious and ideological justifications of gender segregation has emerged, profoundly altering the relationship between gender stratification and spatial institutions.

[7] The views of these Islamist women, however, find little support among the FIS leadership.

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