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Can't wait to see/ meet everyone July 15th in Moncton, New Brunswick for the 1st ever #Flex Lewis Canadian Classic.#Flex Lewis Canadian Assic #Flex Lewis Classic #Flex Lewis #Canada #You Ready #Lets Do This Mexico!!!And despite many predictions of its impending death, and predictions that everyone would soon switch to SMS, instant messaging or social networks, email continues to thrive and to be used by billions on the Internet every day.What makes this even more remarkable is the fact that, for more than a decade, the majority of emails being sent have been unwanted – and quite often malicious.Figure 1: Spam catch rate of all full solutions throughout the test period.

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The main conclusion we continue to draw from these tests is that, while no spam filter is perfect, there are a lot of decent options for organizations to choose between.

Figure 1 shows the catch rate of all full solutions throughout the test.

To avoid the average being skewed by poorly performing products, the highest and lowest catch rates have been excluded for each hour.

They will show ten live races per season as well as highlights of all remaining races, and have confirmed that the live races will be uninterrupted and without ad breaks.

Journey guitarist Neal Schon reveals that he hopes to work with former singer Steve Perry again in the recording studio and reflected on touching base with him again at their recent Rock Hall induction.

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