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"Pop-up launch tests are conducted to determine whether the complex is operational.The missile and the transporter-launcher container were developed some time ago, but the launching platform is a novel solution.Go The Best List Of Porn is the largets catalogue of the best porn sites on the net.

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Deputy Prime Minister in charge of defense industry Dmitry Rogozin warned that Russia would upgrade its strategic nuclear forces and aerospace defenses in response to the PGS system.Commenting on the recent successful pop-up launch tests of a Russian-made intercontinental ballistic missile on the advanced Barguzin rail-based strategic missile complex, German media have sounded a clear alarm, calling it "a nightmare," however noting that it comes only in response to the west's build-up on Russia's borders.The testing took place at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in early November, and paves the way for full-scale flight development tests.The trials are meant to test its performance," Russian Defense analyst Victor Murakhovsky told Radio Sputnik earlier in November.The test marks the revival of the nuclear-trains project originally dating back the Soviet-era.

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