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Courses with native speakers and other our foreign language learning programs in Saint-Petersburg

"Oxford vision" offers effective English, Turkish, Italian and Japanese training courses. Foreign language training courses at our center include well-developed system of different language training programs, among which you can certainly find the most suitable method:

·        While learning a foreign language with native speaker you will be able to get rid of accent and get closely acquainted with the other country's culture.

·         Also you can find our projects for learning abroad, allowing immersive learning, much more interesting.

·        Furthermore, we carry out Russian language courses for foreigners using modern and effective training program, allowing to give underpinning knowledges in easy and available form.

You can visit one lesson and see how the training is performed. This offer allows you to understand, whether the selected program suits you.

Language course for adults and children in Saint-Petersburg

All our language training lessons are carried out in the center of St. Petersburg. The minimum age to take a course is 7 years. Groups are formed so that the age of students would nearly match. Language training course prices in St. Petersburg is very democratic that makes it affordable almost for everyone. The training begins at the moment when group is completely formed which is suitable for everyone. Purpose-tailored training programs ensure achieving your personal goals of learning language.

How to apply for language course at our center

Every training course is divided into 6 steps. If the first step means learning foreign language "from scratch", the last step means maximum advancement in language learning. After initial interview the student can try introduction lesson where teacher discovers student's language skills. After passing a test the student is enlisted to a certain group, the most suitable for him or her depending on his/her knowledge. Size of a standard group ranges from 7 to 10 students. Tutorial lessons (from 4 to 6 students) are also available. Average apprenticeship term is 60 days (25 academic hours a month).

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In our center different languages are taught. They are Turkish, English, Japanese, Italian and Russian as a foreign language. By now we have been teaching languages professionally for more than twelve years – since 2008. The quality of our work is perfectly approved by time.

All our specialists are not only well-prepared to teach languages, but also have a big experience of teaching in different language organizations. In practice it means that you have as much efficient courses of Turkish, English, Japanese, Italian and Russian as a foreign language as possible according to the rate and the quality of the knowledge you acquire. The program of education is individual which provides opportunity to achieve the exact goal of studying language. For example, they can be some industry-oriented Turkish language courses permitting you to get well-prepared in your professional area.

During the course our teachers use foreign materials as well as domestic ones permitting of  gaining practical skills of everyday communication at minimum time. All courses are divided into various levels. So that you can start your study not from the very beginning but continue learning a  language from the level you have already got. Our center not only provides you with language knowledge, but introduces you the cultures of other people. That means that while travelling abroad you will feel yourself comfortable in a familiar atmosphere besides understanding the people around.

How the course is organized

All the courses are divided into 6 stages. The first one implies learning the language from the very beginning, while the last one means improvement at the advanced level. When you come for the first time, we provide free introductory lesson defining your language level. After the test you are accepted to one of the groups that corresponds your knowledge.

The standard group includes 5-8 students. It is also possible to form mini-groups (3 people) for studying Turkish, English and Russian as a foreign language.

Term of study at one stage is 60 days (24 academic hours per month).

If necessary individual course is possible.  It allows to learn some special language aspects and takes into account your needs and wishes. The program of individual lessons can accompany the main course or we can create an independent individual course that would satisfy all the demand of every particular student.